English/Korean Class 2012

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Date Topic Activities Assignments and Materials
3/21/2012 Introduction
  1. An Introduction of  the Class Organizers.
  2. A typical class for the English class days.
  3. My web page is found at www.zakoski.org

  • Next time you will all give a short talk telling us about yourself.  You must speak at least 8 minutes but no more than 10 minutes.  Prepare a little PowerPoint presentation to go along with your talk.  KEEP IT SIMPLE. PowerPoints need to be turned in to the contact person (Subin Kim ) by Monday afternoon.  E-mail them to  Subin.kim.jcb@gmail.com.
  • I need to get to know you.  So, please send me an e-mail at bzakoski@gmail.com and tell me the name ( English name )you wish to go be called by during class as well as your full name.  Also tell me a little about yourself.

4/4/2012 First short talk.
  1. The Big Four  What does every good  speech need...
  2. Ten steps toward making  a good speech.
  3. View a video of a good speech.  from ted.com.
    - Three things to watch
       for in todays video
      * Movement and eye
       * Use of voice
       * Gestures

  • Everyone will make three presentations during the class. The first will be 15 minutes each and the second will be 20 minutes long. The final speech will be 30 minutes each. You were each given your assignment schedule last week by Senyon.  
  • Evaluation form. used to comment on your speeches.
    Summary of the speaking dates are as follows:
  • 4/18  -  Four students 15 minutes each.
  • 5/2  -    Four students 20 minutes each
  • 5/23  -  Two students 30 minutes each.
  • 6/6  -    Two students 30 minutes each.
  4/18/2012 First full speeches 15 miinutes by each student.
  1. Presentation by four students. 
  2. Evaluation information.

5/2/2012 Four 20 minute speeches. 
  1. Presentation by four students. 
  2. A TED speech.
  1. Two students are up next time doing a 30 minute speech.
  2. If there is time we will see one short speech on chronic pain...(8 minutes)
5/23/2012 Two thirty minute speeches.
  1. Presentation by two students. 
  2. A TED speech.

  1. A new TED presentation on memory.  (20 minutes)
6/12/2012 Two 30 minute presentations.
  1. Presentation by two students. 
  2. My final comments

  1. My final PowerPoint

  2. Link to the perfect speach.
  3. The Getteysberg Address
  4. Net sites to help you be a better English speaker.
    • Here is a place to go to help you with your pronunciation.  It is the Merraium Webster on line dictionary of English.
    • There is a radio show on Public Radio called "A Way With Words".  You can listen in at their web site.  The site has many programs saved as pod casts.  People call in with questions about the English language.  You can learn a great deal about every-day English usage.  The site is found here...

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